Jia Peng Zhu

Filmmaker . Motion Designer .Videographer

About Me

I'm a Freelancer 3D Generalist/ Motion Designer based in Germany.
My diverse skillset in Animation, Design and Compositing allows me to work at any stage of the production pipeline with a high level of proficiency.
As a passionate digital artist, I´m always looking forward to new challenges and making beautiful works.

Software Proficiency:
Houdini FX (Redshift, Arnold)
Cinema 4D (Redshift, Arnold, X-Particles)
Adobe Creative Suite
The Foundry Nuke
Substance Painter


Film, also called movie or motion picture, is a visual art-form used to simulate experiences that communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty or atmosphere, by the means of recorded or programmed moving images, along with sound other sensory stimulations.​

Motion Design

Any form of experimental or abstract animation can be called motion graphics, the term typically more explicitly refers to the commercial application of animation and effects to video, film, TV, and interactive applications.


A photograph is an image created by light falling on a photosensitive surface, usually photographic film or an electronic image sensor, such as a CCD or a CMOS chip.


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Still Image

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Contact Me

  • (+49) 1738719632
  • jpmotiondesign26@gmail.com
  • Schlesische Straße 36 10997 Berlin

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.